Penny For Your Thoughts?

Hello Diane,

I just want to give you an update after riffing since late February 2021 given the little miracles taking place in my health.

The practitioner sessions with Mark W. have done wonders for the side effects of the penny that was lodged in the left nasal cavity causing heavy metal poisoning. I have been suffering for 53/54 years, allopathic doctors have been unable to diagnose or treat. With the practitioners protocol I have these bouts of well being that are giving me hope of a better life. My eyes are clear and bright for the first time ever. I can actually do things I have not been able to do for about thirty years now. My breathing on a guess is about 20% better and getting stronger daily. I feel by December I should have some resemblance of good health and will be able to travel again. There is also a huge improvement with the candida. The pressure in my head from the infection is now tolerable and I’m looking forward to all that to be cleared up in the next few months. I also think it entirely possible that the multiple chemical sensitivity will go away given time. The MP14 program that I am using to heal the area in which the penny laid for all those years is healing the pock marks from chronic acne due to the heavy metal poisoning. I am stunned by it. Another amazing thing is that the gums are HEALED where dental meridians have been affected by the poisoning.  The dentist said that it is impossible to do so? Same with the dermatologist, pock marks cannot be healed? Well, there you have it and what do they know?

Also, I had to take a break from the heavy metal poisoning protocol to deal with a bad case of shingles in which he sent over three custom programs and was through it in no time. So grateful for that as well.  

Kind regards.

S. L.

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