PEMF BCX Ultra Rife Mat (Gauss)

GAUSS Measurement

  1. Gauss measurements show the intensity of a magnetic field. The magnetic field drops exponentially with distance, so a short distance away, it drops fast. Unfortunately there is no standard for these type of products.
  1. Different waveforms and intensities will give greater or lesser gauss measurements.
  1. Gauss level will be greater for small compact devices than for large ones. Comparing the gauss level of a mat to a puck or point level device is not appropriate.
  1. As a mat, the BCX Ultra PEMF Mat has an even distribution of magnetic field across the entire surface- you will measure the same everywhere. This is the design that was chosen for this product. Some brands have several coils of wire in specific places where there is a more intense magnetic field. In other places, there is no wire, and no magnetic field.
  1. A gauss measurement is a poor indicator of magnetic field. It shows intensity at a specific point, but right next to it, the intensity might be 0. An example is like measuring the water coming out of a tap faucet at 25 psi. You can measure the water at the top of Niagra Falls at 25 psi, but there is tremendously greater volume of water at pressure coming out of Niagra Falls than there is coming out of your tap. This is analogous to determining a magnetic field by looking at gauss (which is a similar measurement of intensity as psi is to water).

The gauss measurement for the BCX Ultra PEMF Rife Mat is 4.7 gauss.


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