Overwhelmingly Impressed with Hymbas Rife Practitioner


I wanted to follow up on the feedback for your Hymbas Practitioner. I am overwhelming impressed with him and the session. He was so helpful in explaining step by step what I need to do and giving me background/insight to better understand. I have been feeling very overwhelmed as I looked through the book of frequencies and researched online – not knowing what to do first and for how long. But after talking to Mark, I feel extremely confident in using the machine, applying it to my needs and knowing I can do this. I have soooo many issues that I thought I would need to have several sessions with him before getting started but he covered everything I needed to do to prep for and get through Lyme and coinfections in one session! He was so kind to spend almost 2 hours with me. Thank you for pairing me with him and offering this free session so I know the value of them. I will definitely be scheduling more sessions as I progress in my healing, for me and other family members!

Thank you,

Melissa T.

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