Improved Blood work from the BCX Beam tube!

Thank You Diann!

I am happy to give the feed back.

My wife’s blood work Titer’s have come down to 500 from 1300. Her Dr. was shocked that it came down so quickly from just the supplements. I didn’t tell the Dr. that we ran the bubble for over an hour every night for 3 weeks prior to the last blood work. Although I ran the 1.25 carrier as you suggested and after a week she started getting mild headaches so Im letting her shake out for now until I can get the cable fixed. I can say that the tri meter noticed a much stronger electrical field with the 1.25 carrier and an uptick in mili gause.

Im not so sure you need more power than the 150 watts of the bubble as long as you can lay next to the bubble and use the sticky pads. Her Epstein Barr was off the chart and that virus is always present in Leukemia and breast cancer. So if I can kill the EBV with this, it will then have been a great upgrade worth every penny.

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