Impressive Results – Sick Dog, Back Issues, & Parkinson…


Wow you are impressive! You have the best customer service! I really appreciate it!

I forgot to give you a praise report! I used the machine on my very sick dog and he is doing great and luvs the machine. I tried on my other too but this little guy likes it so much he tries to get them to stop their sessions so he can get back on. It is really funny!

Ok, my husband’s back went out and he is twisted. I got him to the chiropractor but she said it will take two weeks with the muscles spasms etc. I pulled out The Rife Handbook I bought from you all and on Spastic Ataxia it has as an example 95, 125, 444 + 1865, 600+ 690 +727.5, 776, 787 etc  Up until this point I have only used the pre programed frequencies. So I tried putting the numbers in but got stumped on the + in between the numbers. And also when you have one number that requires 15 min and then half the numbers with 6 and the rest with 3min. I can’t seem to find how to do that. Is that when you chain? When I do the decimal point after the number and put the remainder number am I doing it right by putting all zero after until it goes to the next frequency asking if you want more?  I think I am doing it right but wanted to make sure.

Could I put the electrodes on my husbands lower back instead of the plates and have him hold the wands?

Now another testimony! I had to rush my husband to the chiropractor like I said but it was after hours so since it was an emergency we went to her home. I brought my machine to trade services since she has wanted to try it for awhile. She text me this morning all excited and said that the bloating in her stomach that would never go away did after using the machine. She was amazed! And now we are talking about using it to help her patients. Exciting!

Another Testimony! My mom got diagnosed with many things, one being Parkinson’s disease.  I started her on the machine, along with glut shots and the doctors are amazed! They kept asking her what she is doing and that she should be taking 4 pills and not functioning! Her speech therapist asked the same! She replied she was just doing some natural remedies. They are astounded at the progress and her voice coming back! Wanted to ask you about that. When I put her on tremors she really has a reaction so I put her on Healing and the tremors subside. Do you think I should try another treatment to the tremors or the body is reacting because it is working on the root? Just wanted your opinion.

I have a few more testimonies but wanted to share a few.

Always wanted to ask you, in the regular book under flea, is that to kill fleas? I know there is another for biting insects so wasn’t sure. My dog has fatty cysts that are growing. They are balls of fatty tissue. I understand now it could be liked to grain in the diet. Not sure what to use on it. Cysts?

Thank you so much for all your help! Especially getting me squared on how to program, to fix my husband. He is in extreme pain.




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