I can’t express my gratitude enough!

Dear Diann,

I just had my first free consult with your Hymbas Practitioner.   I just purchased a package including the BCX Ultra, the PEMF and the Detox Foot Bath, sales agent was the very helpful Brandy at Hymbas.

He was so helpful with so many features and programs that will help me with my health issues.  I had some experience using another frequency machine but was getting only so far with late stage Lyme symptoms,  the whole two years I’ve been using the Doug Coil I was “flying blind” so to speak having only a bit of literature to guide me, I had made some progress but still suffering from pain and other symptoms from having late stage Lyme. 

I researched everything that is on the market for rife/frequency treatments,  your company came up number one and in my opinion partly because of offering a free first session with a trained rife practitioner and ongoing support if needed with a very reasonable fee for another consult and evaluation of my particular challenges.

 I am feeling so relieved and hopeful at making more progress healing from Lyme and EBV and a few other surrounding health issues that your product addresses.

He spent so much time with me, he clarified some of my ongoing concerns, his many years of rife research and understanding in  how it works was so encouraging and helpful,  I started to cry a wee bit on the phone at the relief I was feeling of not being alone in this fight anymore.

He was patient, kind and listened to me and validated me in every way.  I know I will want to use his services again.  I can’t express my gratitude enough for the support from him, what a find and so grateful your company offers this.

Thank you

Suzanne L.

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