How can the BCX help w Dogs’ Latest Respiratory Illness?

Tip on protocol for dogs using the BCX
Tip on protocol for dogs using the BCX

Veterinarians across the US are having to treat a rising # of dogs sick with a severe respiratory illness. Scientists are scrambling to figure out the cause of the current outbreak. The quantity of serious cases that have lead to pneumonia are concerning. There is a possibility this is a new bacteria. The University of New Hampshire recently identified a novel bacterium as a possible culprit.

Which dogs are at higher risk?

Dog breeds that are flat-faced such as French bulldogs or pugs, senior dogs or dogs with underlying lung disease are more at risk of developing pneumonia from a respiratory infection.

Symptoms of canine respiratory infection include:

  • Coughing.
  • Sneezing.
  • Red, runny eyes.

Suggested BCX Ultra Rife Programs to Run:

Pneumonia and bronchitis frequencies such as: CP 37, PP 135-136, PP 963-968 then follow up w CP13


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