Healing & Regeneration

Dear Rifers,

Here is some very interesting news. Please read the attachment.

I used the 40K yesterday using our double bubble beam tube unit with a gate of 3.5 HZ for the most part. I also stood next to someone using the hand held ray tubes for a few minutes. I would say I got 45 plus minutes on the 40K. I felt a bit clearer. I really wasn’t tired when I used it.

However, early this morning I came down with a bad enough herx that I couldn’t sleep. I took 16 oz of water and 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide and felt enough better to fall asleep again.

Get this, my knee that I have been having prolo therapy on (with stem cells) was just as swollen as the morning after I had the last prolo some 9 weeks ago. I certainly concur with Nenah that the 40K is certainly helping with cellular and tissue function and regeneration.

I am now going to try the 40K with 10K gating. As Nenah mentioned the 10,000 HZ is a feel good frequency that just might make a good mix with the 40K. I think it is wise to have all of us do some research with all this and add the famous 1028 HZ that is mentioned in our material to keep up with the latest in regeneration of the human body.

On injury sites such as a knee, our vortex will focus the 40K right on the specific area so you wouldn’t get a herx from a long exposure to the whole body from using our double bubble or using the ray tubes and foot plates together.

I highly suspicion that I got a herx because the 40K speed up the cellular and tissue function in my body enough to cause my body to disgorge enough toxins to make me sick.

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