HEALING – Bursitis

 Dear Sir,

We have a friend who loaned us his older Rife Machine. It helped my wife so much she suggested we purchase one for ourselves. My wife has Bursitis in her right hip. Whenever it flares up she uses the BCX Ultra rife machine and her symptoms disappeared!

I have Bursitis in both of my thumbs and after a short session with the BCX Ultra my pain is gone and my thumbs function normally again! Not long ago I separated some ribs. As I understand it, they could have taken months to heal. I again used the BCX Ultra and within 3 days I was pain free. I had to twist and stretch to verify my ribs weren’t totally healed. Within just a few more days all of the pain was gone and I was back to normal

 My wife and I are looking forward to growing old together now that we have the BCX Ultra! We are confident that most of the ailments that come along will be able to be handled with our “Pro-Active” approach to health and the aid of our BCX Ultra.

Thank you,

Russ E.


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