Extremely Important Lyme Disease Bulletin!!

Dear BCX Ultra Purchaser, if you have lyme disease this information pertains to you. If you are using our BCX Ultra for lyme disease you may consider using a bottle of LEDUM 1M from your favorite distributor. It is a homeopathic remedy. We will only ask that you will promise to give us feedback so we can continue to ‘tweek’ the program outlined below. This is a research project that we are just starting to run now. If you are purchasing an Ultra and have lyme you should seriously consider this. It will probably come from a different source. History: As you know we have declared war on lyme disease. We now sell more machines to people with lyme than any other single disease. A very high percentage of people using our unit for lyme are getting great results. There is preliminary evidence that using the LEDUM 1M (listed simply as ‘for insect bites’) actually speeds up the process when used with the Ultra sessions. Originally, we found out about this through an inventive and resourceful BCX user with lyme disease who followed the below recommendations. This person learned about this from a Dr. who operates in the hush hush to help lyme patients. Who, in turn, discovered this from a Veterinarian who uses it with good results on animals (and sometimes their owners).

Protocol suggestion (from BCX user): take 6 pellets 3 times a day and let dissolve under the tongue. DO NOT TOUCH THE PELLETS. Pour 6 pellets into the cap and then pour them under your tongue and let slowly dissolve. VERY IMPORTANT, while taking the homeopathic run PP 722, lyme hatchlings/eggs (for the 3 days) on your Ultra and add 432 Hz to this set. Here is what to expect: you will probably feel feverish during the 3 days and some lose their appetite. When the appetite is diminished, your body is telling you that it can’t deal with food right now. Pay attention. Also, it is important NOT to do this until you have 3 days without much activity because you will probably feel lousy afterward. During the 3 days do major detox: drink copious amounts of water, epsom salt baths (with water as hot as you can stand) infrared saunas, foot baths, herbal detoxes, etc. Those of you who are really sick will need a care helper during the 3 days. As you well know, lyme disease is a battle of the herxes. If you are not willing to do SERIOUS detox then forget about doing this program. VERY IMPORTANT: after the 3 days you will then want to slowly go through all the Frequencies for lyme and the co-infection frequencies. This is EXTREMELY important to do, to mop up all remaining lyme and co-infections after the 3 day experience. Yes, this will take some time and start with the sets you know have already given you a herx. After all this hard work, why leave a small amount of the disease in your body to grow and multiply again??? After the 3 day program you should feel much better than before you started it. This will give you the energy and resolve to persevere to the end. It is possible you will need to repeat the 3 day protocol in a few weeks. We make no medical claims. This is for research purposes only. We cure nothing. We are just reporting what others have said . We make no claims. This information is absolutely not to appear on any web site. It could be determined as making a medical claim.

Thank you, The BCX Group

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