Eager to spread the news!

Hi, Diann.

I just had my free session with Mark, and I’ve read through the follow-up email with the details laid out for treating UTIs and chronic Lyme (and coinfections). Just wanted you to know I’m very excited to get started and I’m expectant that it’s going to work great. 

Mark is easy to work with. He’s very patient and he took the time to explain things and answer my questions. If I need to book another session, I would 100% feel comfortable working with him bc he is so knowledgeable and kind. 

The fact that you offer such a quality product at a reasonable price and have hired such a caring and experienced practitioner/coach to help people tells me that you truly want your clients to be well. And that means so much. I know a lot of people that would be very interested to hear of my success since I’ve struggled with Lyme for so long, and I can wait to evangelize the good results, haha. 

S. A.

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