BCX Ultra Rife Machine Review – Exceeded Our Expectations!

Dear Diann,

It has been a little while since we purchased the BCX Ultra Rife machine from you. In the 8+ months we have had this device we’ve had the opportunity to experiment and experience the features and capabilities of this equipment. Thus I feel I can now provide review of the product for others to benefit from with some authority.

My wife is a Lyme disease sufferer. Additionally, she has a multitude of co-infections that have complicated all treatment regimes. The classic story of 5 years of misdiagnosis and being told she is crazy has delayed the journey of recovery. Once we’d found the cause, the ineffectiveness of western medicine was the next hurdle. She had deteriorated to a very serious state with the use of mainstream medicines. Not only had antibiotics failed with very short term and random efficacy but they also adversely affected her health making the illness much worse. The ABX had the classic side effect of damaging her gut flora resulting in major food sensitivities, diminished immune system and terrible Gastrointestinal symptoms. She was on ABX for 18+ (9Mths Oral, 9Mths IV) in a desperate attempt to try and keep the illness and symptoms at bay. However, every day the illness worsened and her health declined in a clear and assertive downward spiral.

In this time we had to become experts in this disease and related therapies. We are still learning but we realised early on that we needed to find our own cure, our regret is not moving away from ABX sooner. We have tried a range of technologies with mixed results. Indeed we have probably tried more alternate therapies than most. From Hyperthermia, Ozone, Herbs, Supplements, GcMAF, Monolaurin, Peptide Injections, PEMF Pulse, HEMP Oil, Essential Oils, Detox Agents and more. For everything we have tried we have tried to apply a systematic and thoroughly researched approach. Some have been effective and others not so much. Somewhere in there, we arrived at the Rife Machine and hence the writing of this review.


We researched and eventually purchased the BCX Ultra Rife with Plasma Beam Tube and accessories. Our primary tool has been the Controller/Frequency Generator and Beam Tube with occasional hand held tubes and electrodes.

Firstly, the design of this unit is very good. Whilst at first I was a little surprised by the plastic casing of the unit, it has actually proven to be quite robust and effective at protecting the device. The controls are quite easy to administer once mastered and the ability to swap out attachments and components is again very easy. The Size of the Beam Tube is quite large, but I perceive this to correspond to its effective coverage range, it also provides a protective element to the delicate Tube. We found you need a dedicated area to locate and run the device but this is a minor hassle and the appliance quickly became part of our treatment regime and lifestyle. The quality of the components is very high, the tube, electrodes, gauge of cable, electronics are made of superior materials.

The console and administration of the unit via the buttons is at first a little daunting as it is controlled via a series of options that are scrolled through and selected (much like the old Nokia Phones). However, it is quite straight forward and quickly mastered. The ability to program the device and choose more advanced setting and options has been key to our progressive and more powerful use of the technology.

The capabilities and effectiveness of this device is where is shines amongst all of its values. Of all of the therapies we have tried, and some have been quite effective, nothing has been as consistently and directly effective as this Rife machines. The Beam Tube and frequency generator has proven itself to be able to kill more of the disease (including co-infections) and with more potency than anything else. The alleviation of symptoms, recovery/repair of damage and the general wellbeing of my wife has improved with an absolutely clear correlation to the use of this machine. The device appears to be able to treat the pathogens where others fail. It can get access where others are limited such as behind the blood brain barrier, in joints/bone/fluids. It can also be increased in both time and intensity to maintain effectiveness where other therapies would reach limitations. I have also been able to view and monitor the effectiveness of this disease under microscopy (Via Dark Field Microscope for verification purposes). I have visually witnessed the reduction of pathogens in my wife’s blood. In light of the Rife being the only device we’ve used to treat the disease and seeing the pathogen reduction means I can directly credit this machine as the reducing agent.


I should mention that it has experientially proven to be capable of treating the following pathogens: Lyme (Borrelia), Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma, Mycoplasma, Candida, Parasites (Worms Round, Fluke, Neamatodes), unknown parasites. My wife’s hyper sensitive state has allowed her to both feel the effectiveness of the frequencies (the Kill Off Feeling, Not Herx). She has subsequently suffered the Herxheimer effect once the kill or disabling has happened. She can also identified unique symptoms for each illness and consequently identify symptom specific relief  with the treatment via this machine. The use of the BCX Ultra has stopped and indeed reversed the downward spiral for my wife and she is now progressively returning to good health. There is still a journey of repair and recovery to go but this device has been a critical and powerful component in the treatment of her Lyme disease.


In our experience the technology has both strengths and weaknesses that need to be considered and addressed.

  • It strengths are obvious, it can effectively treat via frequency most if not all Lyme pathogens.
  • It can penetrate where others agents fail and can treat most if not all life cycles of the illnesses.
  • It is quite easy to administer once you know what you’re treating.
  • It has no observable or recorded side effects outside of the collateral consequences of killing lots of bugs (ie Herx effect).
  • It is additionally effective at triggering complimentary requirements such as detoxification, organ repair, pain relief and more.
  • It doesn’t suffer the contraindications of other medication. It is super powerful when combined with other therapies. For example we use GcMAF (Immune Boost) paired with the Rife Machine for a powerful result.
  • The device comes with two excellent manuals full of frequencies and instructions, they are clear and comprehensive.
  • The whole family can use it. It treats such a wide range of illnesses that I too have treated my ailments such as candida very effectively with this machine.


It does have a few weaknesses that need to be addresses and these relate to the nature of the technology rather than this specific device.

  • Firstly, it can be SO effective at killing pathogens that the herxheimer effect can be dangerous. A systematic and carefully approach to this machine is necessary as it is simply so powerful. Start small and work up.
  • The device is so very specific that it requires a very planned and attentive approach to its application. Unlike a broad spectrum drug that kills everything (including good stuff) this must be intentionally and specifically focused on the disease you want to kill. This of course is both a strength and a weakness as it requires planning and time.
  • The technology is still in its infancy (ironic as it’s almost 90 years old) there is a lot of information but it’s hard to find it in an organised and up to date format. This means you need to become the master of your treatment. You are required to think carefully about its use, do your research and listen to your body. There are lots of great growing communities that can help, but unlike some therapies, this requires a very customised approach.
  • The upfront cost is significant (but minor when considered in the complete treatment of lyme). At our peak we were paying $1000+ a week on ABX and supportive Treatment. So we quickly reduced our expenditure using this device and have subsequently saved ourselves many thousands in the last 8 months.


So after searching around and doing our comparisons we decided on this device and have not be disappointed. Not only has it exceeded our expectation but the support we’ve received has been excellent. Any queries we had about the device or request for extra frequencies have been quickly answered (Given Time Zone differences). The machine was delivered very quick (within a week from US to AUS). Extremely happy is an understatement of how important this purchase has been in our Lyme journey.


All those reading this should note that this is obviously my opinion, experimentation and experience. That said, for my wife, the BCX Ultra we bought has been a life saver, I believe literally.




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