BCX Ultra Blaster & Greatest Hits Programs. A Real Whopper & Crowd Pleaser!

BCX Ultra Blaster Programs

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BCX Ultra Rife Machine Prestored Programs – PP 478—General Comprehensive, complete Blaster program & PP 479—General demo (greatest hits)

The first one (PP 478) I often say is the best program to run on anyone who says that Rife does nothing. Lots of people who never used frequency therapy and run it will be on the toilet a bunch of times the morning after they run it because it has a lot of freq’s for undesirable things in the gut, some viruses, bacteria, molds, parasites, and even a few cancer freq’s.

The second program (PP 479) is a list that was once the most commonly found frequencies you’d come across in the CAFL cross reference. That was back when the majority of machines only went to 10,000Hz. You can think of that as a lower end version of the comprehensive blaster. Basically, 7 of the frequencies are the same in the 2 sets. The General Demo is more updated and refined than the Blaster. General demo is also great for daily use and makes a wonderful “all’s well” program to run every other day with CP 13 being the other half. Add 40K to the end of it, and you have an excellent program that slows the aging process if you start early enough. It’s NOT something that will reverse age, but definitely can keep skin, hair, nails, eyes looking young and keep ALL the cells in your body energized and able to absorb nutrients better. A real crowd pleaser. : )

Mark W. (Hymbas Practitioner w over 20yrs experience)

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