BCX Calming & Centering Program

This is a series of frequencies based on the Pythagorean tuning system that brings the user into a meditative state of channeled awareness. It is a calming, stress relieving series, only takes 6 minutes, and can only be done with a BCX using contact plasma tubes only. No electrodes.

On this program, you want to turn OFF the soft start and run minutes should be set at 1 min. Everything else is left at defaults. The frequencies are based on the musical tuning system where instead of standard tuning (A = 440Hz) – we are using 432 Hz. These pure tones, and precise intervals, are based on the naturally-occurring harmonic series––the same series used for sound healing therapy by Pythagoras 2500 years ago. It is the equivalent of 20-30 minutes of meditation.

The frequencies in order are: 256, 288, 520, 384, 432, 512.

Sit or lie in a quiet place and focus on calm breathing while you run this program. It is meant to be run near the beginning and end of the day, but you can run it more often if desired. This program has a cumulative effect, so the longer you use it, the more you feel the effects. We keep the pulsed square wave instead of a sine wave because the harmonics are very important.

Enjoy, and please leave feedback!

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