An Alternative Method for Lyme

There is no doubt the BCX Ultra Rife machine had a huge impact on the healing of Lyme disease for my 18-year-old son and I. I had Lyme disease for a month, maybe 5 weeks before getting the machine. I had chosen not to use antibiotics since my research showed they weren’t always effective and in fact sometimes made symptoms worse. I have always used alternative and natural treatments for illness so I did the same with Lyme, researching everything I could find on the web.

I believe the alternative treatments/remedies I did before purchasing the Rife machine were helpful, and were keeping my symptoms from
spreading and getting worse, but healing was painfully slow (literally). Even though I was seeing slight improvement each day, I wasn’t improving fast enough for my liking.

The Rife machine worked quickly however and I felt noticeably better after just two 30- to 50-minute treatments (two days apart). My tiredness lessened each day and disappeared within a couple weeks. My muscle soreness improved dramatically each day. I have continued treatments for the past few weeks and my symptoms are almost gone.

I believe the symptoms left are NOT active Lyme disease but are muscle damage and atrophy caused from the disease. I will continue Rife treatments (and immune-building remedies/treatments) for another 5 months or so to make sure to get any bacteria that are hiding or went dormant (they are sneaky little buggers). I am also doing a Rife “healing” program for my sore muscles (along with massage, chiropractic,
nutritional support, and my own physical therapy/stretching/exercise routines. I’m a dancer and have been finding moving and stretching very helpful).

The symptoms I started with before using the Rife machine were severe pain in my upper back, neck, shoulders, and arms (mainly my left arm). Occasionally I had pain in my left leg and hip too. It often kept me from doing anything physical, including housework, and I had trouble sleeping (that’s an understatement). I also was tired during the day and often watched TV, not even having enough energy to read a book (which isn’t like me at all!)

The reason I am confident my Lyme disease is gone is that my energy is back to normal (in fact it sometimes seems better than before I had Lyme disease), and even though I still have soreness in my shoulders and upper back/neck, it is minimal compared to what it was, and truthfully it feels significantly different. It feels more like muscle damage than diseased muscles if that makes sense.

My son Tyler’s experience is even more “miraculous” than mine. Tyler got the bulls-eye rash, flu symptoms, and fever just a few days before my Rife machine was due in the mail. He decided he wanted to do antibiotics since he thought he could get better quicker that way. So he got a prescription on a Friday afternoon. My machine was due on Wednesday. I told him all the great things I had read and heard about it and I said, “Why don’t you try my alternative remedies and the Rife machine for a week, before taking the antibiotics.” He decided to give it a try.  His only symptom, after the flu symptoms went away, was a sore neck, being early in the disease. After a week of rife treatments (and other alternatives, most of which are suggested in the rife manual), Tyler was symptom-free and back to normal. We will continue treatments once a week for him, for a few months, even though he is symptom-free, just to be safe.

I wish I knew about and got the Rife machine earlier in my disease, before it attacked my muscles as bad as it did, but I am confident I will heal up, since the soreness is relatively minor at this point and it is getting better each day. I highly recommend the Rife machine for Lyme disease. It was a miracle for us. And it’s fun to use besides!

Donna L.
Newton, MA

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