BCX Ultra Practitioner

To: Diann of Hymbas,

Regarding my session with Dan. He is a practitioner who is very knowledgeable, easy to understand and it seems not only interested in my problem (prostate cancer) but in me personally. We spent time talking about who I am, what I was doing to fight this problem, and he then proceeded to help me set up my personal pre-stored and custom programs & frequency’s.

I must say after reading the operating and procedural guide and watching the DVD, I was overwhelmed, confused and not sure I could really set up the machine with the correct programs, frequency’s, etc. and wondered if Dan could get me through all this. I have to say, Dan is wonderful. Before we ever got into the machine he calmed my anxiety. We talked about where I live (he knows this area quite well). He wanted to know all the protocol & supplements that I was taking for my problem, and I felt that he was more than a practitioner but a friend.

When I first called I mentioned that I had only tried to run one pre-stored program and no custom. He said don’t worry lets get started and together we set up several pre-stored (some with minor variations) programs with hands on the machine for my particular problem.

Then with his help I set up a number of Custom programs which gave me a chance to get to understand how the functions of the machine work. I feel much more comfortable should I desire to try others. Dan is not only knowledgeable about frequency’s in the list I received but shared his experience (from his travels) of frequency’s used in other countries such as those in Europe, Japan and several others as well as those used in various areas of this country. You could not ask for a more diversified and well informed person in his field.

Lastly, he has asked for my list of protocols and supplements that I take for my problem, in order to possibly help me in this area as he seems quite informed about these also. Thank you Diann for the opportunity of working with Dan in my first session with a practitioner. He was great.

from M. Loeb

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