PEMF Mat Tip

Greetings PEMF enthusiast,

Here is our latest information on using your PEMF Matt and a larger list of programs you have requested.

According to the NASA research, saw tooth and square waves are the best way to go with PEMF Mats because these 2 wave forms have abrupt rise and fall times. The more abrupt the the rise and fall time, the greater the biological effect. Because of the work of Dr. Bassett in 1974 using the saw tooth wave, the FDA approved the treatment of non-union bone breaks and to aid in spinal fusion operations with that wave form.

To play the saw tooth wave using our BCX PEMF Mat, select Linear RampUp.

According to NASA research the square wave is good to break up cycles of pain and promote healing and regeneration.

Generally, people use the PEMF Mat for 20 to 30 min. We would say make no program over 60 min. as a general rule.

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