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PEMF Mat Tip


Greetings PEMF enthusiast, Here is our latest information on using your PEMF Matt and a larger list of programs you have requested. According to the NASA research, saw tooth and square waves are the best way to go with PEMF…

BCX PEMF Rife Mat Benefits


BENEFITS: Pain Relief Increased healing & regeneration Our BCX PEMF mat is made w copper coils which has antimicrobial & healing benefits of copper PEMF Helps with Pain Relief in THREE Powerful Ways 1) Increases Endorphin release 2) Reduces & Interrupts Pain…

PEMF BCX Ultra Rife Mat (Gauss)


GAUSS Measurement Gauss measurements show the intensity of a magnetic field. The magnetic field drops exponentially with distance, so a short distance away, it drops fast. Unfortunately there is no standard for these type of products. Different waveforms and intensities…