Corona Virus – SARS Rife frequencies


Coronavirus_SARS – 9918, 9740, 4959, 4870, 2479.5, 2435, 1394.7, 1369.6, 1239.7, 1217.5, 774.8, 760.9, 619.9, 608.7, 464.9, 456.5, 309.9, 304.4, 155, 152.2

Quite a few people over the years have reported that BCX Ultra program CP 37 has really helped them with some severe flu’s. One Rife Practitioner in MN said it saved her life. Many people say they also get help by running the BCX Ultra rife immune building frequency programs.

Stock up on the products mentioned below by a Health Professional: Please consider using UltraSilver 1000 ppm by Bountico online, get 8oz or larger. Use silver 3-5 drops daily 5 days on 2 days off for maintenance. I carry or get online, EnerG Iodine drops daily 3–5 drops twice day for 5 days on 2 days off. Get Oscilliococcium homeopathic, large box and always have some handy. Take one vial under tongue weekly for maintenance. Just ICE: If you ever feel any sick flu symptoms coming on, then take a vial every 4 hours up to 4 vials in 24 hours. Take 10 drops of silver in spring water of every 2 hours alternating with 6-10 drops of EnerG Iodine (I carry this product or get online) in spring water every 2 hours. In other words, for 24 hours, you would be taking either silver or iodine every two hours. This is protocol only in case of emergency.

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