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How to Buy the Best Rife Machine

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Looking How to Buy the Best Rife Machine? Does anyone manufacture a Rife machine like Royal Rife’s unit? Keep in mind that no one today makes a Rife Frequency Machine like Royal Rife’s machine. His unit would flash for milliseconds…

Hand-held Ray Tubes Success


Since 1994 I have been using various designs of offset Square wave Frequency generators. Purchased from other manufactures and made my own. Utilizing frequencies with hand held Metal cylinders as the primary conducting source. We were experiencing just ok results.…



Is there a need to run above 4.00 MHz (4,000,000 Hz)? 4 Mhz is high enough to run Rife’s Original frequencies. Why would I want to get a standalone Beam Tubes vs HandHeld apparatuses? Most rife frequency generators only include a Metal type…

BCX Ultra a world-class machine


 My name is John White.. I am an electrical engineer with 30 years experience in electronics and high power circuitry. I have a technical background and don’t have a blind belief in alternative healing. I wish to give feedback of…