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Dear Rife users, I am not a practitioner, however, I listen up as I talk to clinics, Doctors and practitioners world wide. Many of these people have told me that often when you have cancer, lyme and many other debilitating diseases mycoplasma and cytomegalovirus are in the mix. It is routine for these people to […]

If you are using the Hand-Held ray tubes w the metal footplates we recommend you using the 45,000 hz carrier wave. We have found with the hand-held ray tubes the carrier wave set to 45,000 hz produces better harmonics and better results even though you can go higher for carrier wave. Set the wave type […]

Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 5:57 AM Thanks for your help, Diann. By the way, in experimenting each night, I have found a real dynamite killer for Lyme! Very simply, create a custom program of 40 frequencies with ALL 3 M.P. Lyme sets combined into 1 Custom M.P. (there are 42 frequencies in the 3 […]

Greetings, Just talked to a guy with lyme who said his friend with lyme told him to first work on the Ehrlichia before going big time after the lymes general. It is worth a try. Also do 432 Hz for say 10 min. 432 is the master freq for lyme discovered by Doug. We know […]

Source: http://healthfreedoms.org/2011/03/10/lyme-disease-misdiagnosed-underreported-and-epidemic/ Submitted by Annie White on March 10, 2011 – 1:37 am2 Comments.79 ShareLyme disease – chances are, even if you have never heard of it before, you know someone who has had it. Since 1991, the number of cases of Lyme disease has doubled, and the Center for Disease Control estimates that there […]

From: Tim H. Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 11:28 AM Subject: RE: Welcome to the BCX Ultra Team! Thanks for sending another cord for the led wands.  I got it yesterday in the mail and tried it with the red and green led’s and it worked!! So thanks. Just an update on me and my […]

Lyme is a complex illness.  We are doing well because we treat parasites, candida, metals, fungus, strep, lyme, teeth and other organs.  The presets make it so easy.  I always start with healing (524) and end with toxin eliminate (1165). I have also learned that you have to create a body where the bad organisms […]

 Dear Rife Users, I just attended the Lyme conference in San Francisco. The reality really hits to the devastation of what lyme does in a person’s life when you are at a conference and see people using canes, walkers and talking to many people who have lost jobs and homes. I talked to Doctors well […]

 Dear Rifers, For those that have lyme we program the following freq’s into the machine when you order it. These have been giving a herx. These came from a Dr contact who has been having very good success with lyme. Also, use the other groups in the manual. Start with only 1 minute each, not […]

Sent: Monday, October 19, 2009 7:07 PM Subject: BCX Ultra Service  Hi, Roger: As you may recall, I purchased three (3) BCX Ultras, one for myself, one for my brother, and one for my father.  I’ve witnessed tremendous BCX-related health benefits not only in my own family members, but also in my Lyme disease patients […]

  I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and a co-infection babesia in April 2004. I was told that the only way to eliminate the lyme was to treat the babesia first. So I immediately started using my BCX Plasma Frequency Instrument “rife machine” with the babesia frequencies. I ran the frequencies for 3 minutes each, every […]

There is no doubt the BCX Ultra Rife machine had a huge impact on the healing of Lyme disease for my 18-year-old son and I. I had Lyme disease for a month, maybe 5 weeks before getting the machine. I had chosen not to use antibiotics since my research showed they weren’t always effective and […]