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 Dear Rife Users,

I just attended the Lyme conference in San Francisco. The reality really hits to the devastation of what lyme does in a person’s life when you are at a conference and see people using canes, walkers and talking to many people who have lost jobs and homes. I talked to Doctors well into the evening and learned as much as I could to pass on to you folks. Here are some observations I want to pass on:  the word is herpes 6,  mycoplasma and chronic fatigue are related with lyme. A person with lyme should definitely do the frequencies for the above. The frequencies for herpes type 6 are: 228, 1820, 3640, 3641, 7281. Any time you are dealing with any type of herpes or shingles use the famous 4: 1552, 2489, 2950, 2347  for 20 minutes each. The frequencies for mycoplasma are: 345, 434.6, 453.4, 468.7, 554, 647.4, 627, 735.4, 773.4, 856, 887, 935.5. See your frequency manual for chronic fatigue.

 All people, especially with lyme, should do bursalosis and herpes type 5 (cytomegalovirus ‘CMV’). The frequencies for bursalosis are: 344, 447.6, 475, 633, 944, 3443, 6782, 10,456. The frequencies for CMV are: 126, 597, 629, 682, 1045, 2146, 2144, 2145, 8848, 8856. For CMV HC use: 20362.91, 1013.81.

 Many Rife practitioners use all of the above as standard protocol for general clean up because so many of their clients have these microbes in their bodies. So often these are a base for so many of the other diseases. I am told that many people get quite a herx from the bursalosis and mycoplasma sets.

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  1. junodsurf
    03/20 at 12:33 pm

    Hi Roger,

    Thanks for all the great info! I have lyme disease and use the bcx ultra. I am almost done rifing all the frequencies for lyme, but still have some symptoms and wanted to use your recomendations.

    I wanted to know what wave is used, and what carrier frequency for these programs. I usually use 1.67 with a square wave. Duty cycle is 90 and gate is 5.62. Also wondered if I stop after I have no more herx or if I continue for another 6 months after that point, like with the lyme programs. Sorry about all the questions, but want to get the best results. Thank you in advance for your help. Jodi

    • admin
      03/22 at 12:02 pm

      Hi John,

      Not sure what accessories you are using. If you are using the Hand-Held ray tubes w the metal footplates we recommend you using the 45,000 hz carrier wave. We have found with the hand-held ray tubes the carrier wave set to 45,000 hz produces better harmonics and better results even though you can go higher for carrier wave. If you are using the metal electrodes with the 1.67 Mhz carrier wave you should see better results w the hand-held ray tubes w the metal footplates. Also switch to the Pulsating Square Wave.

      It is suggested to run through all the different Lyme programs using the foot plates and the glass tubes. Lyme isn’t easy because there are so many sets. A person has to just methodically keep cycling through all the sets slowly.

      A good place to start is the BCX Ultra Lyme Special programs based on one of our centers, Envita Med Center, that uses our machine on many Lyme patients.

      1. • Start with CP 1 Cleanse & CP 7 General Parasites. (should only have to do 1 or 2 times in beginning then maintenance) & PP 335—Detox assist
      2. • Then proceed to the CP2 thru CP 4 programs for Lyme.
      3. • Then do CP 15 thru CP 27, CP 35, CP 36. With CP 15 and higher programs you will cover many typical co-infections for Lyme.
      4. • Cycle thru the CPs for Lyme and co-infections programs as much as you are up to handling, starting off with 1 or 2 Lyme programs first time to see how your body reacts, then add more as you continue, if possible do a few programs every day cycling thru the Lyme and co-infections, then start to include the Lyme Programs in the Pre-Program lists (PP.) .
      5. • Here is a suggestion from a client infected with Lyme:

      “By the way, in experimenting each night, I have found a real dynamite killer for Lyme! Very simply, create a custom program of 40 frequencies with ALL 3 CP Lyme sets combined into 1 Custom CP (there are 42 frequencies in the 3 so ideally the least beneficially felt two should be skipped because they all can’t fit into the maximum 40), AND use that Custom M.P one night for 12 minutes times the 40 frequencies (for an 8 hour time period), and then the second night JUST run the P.P 600 (Infections – Many Classes program) for 17 minutes times the 27 frequencies (also a roughly 8 hour time period). I have run this alternating overnight schedule for the past 10 consecutive nights, wake up feeling like a champ each morning (each morning better than the last!) and have driven the lyme absolutely wild – they twitch violently in the muscles and organs “all day long” from the torture treatment (which doesn’t hurt and isn’t at all uncomfortable – I rather enjoy seeing them squirm),…Adam”

      TIP: Drink lots of water!! People with Lyme need to be on the low carb candida diet so they don’t feed the Lyme and co-infections. Also get your body as alkaline as fast as possible.

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