Looking past Lyme .. Focusing on Co-infections in addition



Just talked to a guy with lyme who said his friend with lyme told him to first work on the Ehrlichia before going big time after the lymes general. It is worth a try. Also do 432 Hz for say 10 min. 432 is the master freq for lyme discovered by Doug. We know some people are the sickest from a co-infection. Example, a gal in CA works on her babesia more than the lymes because the babesia is the most prevalent in her body. And, yes, parasites can be considered co-infections. The problem becomes more managing the herxes because they get such a reaction.



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  1. 11/26 at 11:35 pm

    I saw a comment by someone who said she disconnected the hand and foot attachments and just let the machine run near where her children were sleeping and said it worked great. My machine arrives tomorrow – and I’m trying to understand options. Would you need one of the extra, expensive accessories to do that? Thanks. franciekay

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      11/26 at 11:57 pm

      If you just have the hand-held accessories and not the stand-alone beam tubes or vortex then you can run the hand-held raytubes next to you. You must have them touching to complete the circuitry. This can be done by simply holding them together with a rubberband.

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