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Our amazing BCX Ultra practitioner testimonials



My name is Nancy and in November 2020, I bought the BCX Ultra Lite device from Hymbas. With purchasing the BCX Ultra Lite, I was given 1 free consultation on how to use the device (what frequencies to use and…

BCX Ultra Practitioner


To: Diann of Hymbas, Regarding my session with Dan. He is a practitioner who is very knowledgeable, easy to understand and it seems not only interested in my problem (prostate cancer) but in me personally. We spent time talking about…

Very impressed w Practitioner


Diann, We had our first session with Jim yesterday (3/25) and were very impressed with his knowledge, manner, and the amount of help we received. We will be scheduling additional sessions with Jim as needed. Jim was very accommodating with…

thank you for referring me to Dan


Recently my husband purchased a Rife machine. Included in the purchase of the machine was one complimentary consultation with Practitioner Dan to discuss the operation and tips for using the machine. Dan explained that he provided services as a private consultant…