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Knee Pain Gone Unbelievable!


My wife, Cheryl, had a session with Jim. She said he was right on her problems. She was really impressed with his ability to identify what was causing her problems. Totally different from what we were thinking. She is now…

BCX PEMF Rife Mat Benefits


BENEFITS: Pain Relief Increased healing & regeneration Our BCX PEMF mat is made w copper coils which has antimicrobial & healing benefits of copper PEMF Helps with Pain Relief in THREE Powerful Ways 1) Increases Endorphin release 2) Reduces & Interrupts Pain…

Parasites Treatment & More


Jerry has liver cancer[ tumor]. Did parasite treatment (tested positive) : [herbal] plus baking soda, maple syrup (2 teaspoons per day), milk thistle 3 -3x day, ran MP. 7  (3 mins) & PP 159 (3mins): M.P. 7 – General Parasites…………………….…187, 294,…