How FAR REALLY Can a Beam Tube radiate out?


The output intensity for ANY spherical radiating device is specified by what is referred to as the “Inverse-Square Law”:  Intensity = Power / (4 x PI x Radius^2)

Power at 1 ft = X
Power at 2 ft = X/4
Power at 3 ft = X/9
Power at 4 ft = X/16
Power at 5 ft = X/25
Power at 6 ft = X/36
Power at 7 ft = X/49
Power at 8 ft = X/64
Power at 9 ft = X/81
Power at 10 ft = X/100

In other words, you have 1% of the power at 10 feet away that you have from 1 foot away. Even at 1,000 ft and more there is still some power, although very small.

Without knowing what the desired power level is, you can’t specify an “Output Range”. If you are interested in maximum power, you want the shortest distance possible. Period.

Some Rife Machine manufacturers will specify output ranges effective ie 30 feet out (more or less) such as PERL. Unfortunately they are misleading people.  As you can see power is not effective this far out but the frequency signal can be picked up. If you don’t have the power then the frequency isn’t effective.


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