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Hi Diann,

I thought I would follow up now that we have been using the BCX Ultra for a couple of weeks.

  •  First: My partner R. Waters used the machine and his sequences twice and his Fibromyalgia is gone. He has had constant pain from this disease for seven years now and all day every day. On a pain scale it was 7 out of ten. Two treatments and this pain is gone, it has been over 10 days now.
  •  Second: he has a serious back problem due to accidents from the past. He has had surgery on his back which gave him some relief for 3 years, but that was not permanent. Between Fibromyalgia and back pain he has been in constant pain. His back pain has decreased in intensity by 50%, it has been over ten days now. He was chair bound until we started using the machine. He has lost 20 pounds because he is moving around-doing physical projects both in the house and outside the house.
  •  Third: he had a migraine headache coming on a few days ago. We have a tailored sequence for migraines and with one short treatment he went from pain to relief, and was able to continue throughout his day without having to retreat to a dark room.
  • Fourth: I am treating for colon cancer. My results are not as yet quantifiable however I have noticed some very clear changes. In the AM after a good night sleep my energy level was high. However by the evening I had dropped considerably in personal energy. That was before the treatments. Now my energy level is the same and consistently the same from AM to PM. The only thing I can surmise is whatever my body was fighting during the day and drew energy from me, was healed because I have considerable MORE energy daily.
  • Fifth: I am having no discernable side effects from the chemo therapy….I feel good most of the time and I attribute this to increased energy and internal healing from the machine.
  • Sixth: my last visit to the Chemo infusion lab was cancelled because I had a low white blood cell count, so they did not want to go with the treatment. I had to wait one week. During that period I utilized C.P. 13 (general healing program) as a means to increase my white blood count which was at 1000. Over a seven day period I did the treatment each day and then returned to the chemo infusion lab to continue that treatment. My white blood cell count was 4000; the doctor had said that there is no way to increase white blood cell counts-it is up to the bones/body. Well that theory was dis-proven by a four fold increase.
    • C.P. 13 Healing sequence to increase my white blood cell count. That brought me from 1000 to 6000 count in one week! Did not change any frequencies. I did ONLY do the ray tubes (hand-held)  (no electrodes) and placed one tube over pubic bone and the second tube in butt crack touching tail bone. I did not know that white blood cells are produced through the tail bone area?!

These are the beginning stages of using this machine.

  • I hired Dr. Dan to work with myself and my partner. To date he has spent “HOURS” interviewing our medical histories, designed particular sequences, and instructing me how to put these sequences in the machine. Also we follow up with him each week, and tweak things plus add other sequences and knowledge to the mix of how to utilize the machine to it maximum. He has spent hours doing this. This is the BEST doctor house-call on record; he has changed our life TO THE GOOD in a few short days.
  •  I am writing you this because you have been terrific in helping me get to this point. There is NO WAY I could have gained this much knowledge and RESULTS without Dr. Dan’s input. NO WAY.
  •  And this is something very important I want to impart to your company.

Hymbas has an instrument that can help millions of people; there is no doubt in my mind. I see the results and the numbers in a very short amount of time. I live by numbers and consistent results that is my business: direct response advertising. We put out an ad and then it asks for an order-if the orders exceed our costs it succeeds. If it doesn’t we have to change it until it does. There is no guesswork or hopefulness…..it must produce.

  • This has been my experience with Dr. Dan. He first gathered my medical history, then reconacted me and he had designed particular sequences which he went over and helped me program those sequences into the machine. During this lengthy process I became thoroughly familiar with how to run the machine. I was LIGHT-YEARS head on the video, yet I looked at the video again and finally understood what it was trying to instruct-after I was trained.
  • The result of this personal and professional input is my use of the machine, my partner’s use of the machine has been miraculous! I would never return this machine is a million light years, and there are numerous people who are waiting and watching our progress. They’ll eventually turn into customers because I am quantifying our results. IT would not be happening without Dr. Dan as a guide. I would still be struggling and probably not getting the results by going off the manual alone. I my not have even mastered how to use the machine yet, much less getting into the sequences.

Thank you so much for giving me this guidance and the BCX. It is saving my life.

Best-C. Forrest

The first 3 times I used the mat, I could feel more energy going into my entire neck area where I have had stiffness and possible thyroid issues.  My blood test later showed the T3 and T4 count to be normal after years of low thyroid function. The second time, I could feel it in my sore left shoulder.  It seemed that the energy was going to the area where my muscles have been in knots for a long time.

from lynda

More information on PEMF Therapy

Dear Rife users,

I am not a practitioner, however, I listen up as I talk to clinics, Doctors and practitioners world wide. Many of these people have told me that often when you have cancer, lyme and many other debilitating diseases mycoplasma and cytomegalovirus are in the mix. It is routine for these people to run the freqs for these and get a ‘hit’. For cytomegalovirus & mycoplasma frequencies run the BCX Ultra special programs in the BCX Ultra unit (CP18, CP 24, CP 25, CP 26)  and add these new ones: Dr. Hulda Clark  20362.91  1013.81   Dr. John Garvey  12537  41514  47425  47524  48576  48586  48587  48765. I’m supposed to be Mr. Healthy, however, I got quite a hit off the cyto.  

Thanks..Roger Whitman

  1. Royal R. Rife always used ray tubes with his frequency devices.
  2. Our hand held ray tubes complete the circuit by running through the body between the hand held ray tubes thus guaranteeing that the frequencies penetrate deep through out the body
  3. The ray tubes produce a much higher voltage than pad devices to push the frequencies deeper into the body.
  4. There is the magnetic effect produced by gas filled tubes (that can be tested) that especially when used with RF penetrates even deeper into the body
  5. Most people prefer the “soft” “energetic” “warm” feel of the glass tubes compared to the electrical bite felt from the metal electrodes.
  6. The hand-held ray tubes emit a carrier wave up to 100,00 hz (refer below to test data verifying this)
  7.  Our Hand-held Ray Tubes can also be used in combination with our metal footplates or any of our other electrodes (1 up to 3 apparatuses at once).. giving a strong total body coverage.
  8. Our Hand-held Ray tubes are also great for targetting a specific area and does not have to be held in the hand. The closer the tubes are to the area the more powerful it is.
  9. Many people report that watching the glass tubes ‘glow and flow’ has a relaxing, calming, softening effect on their body.

‘Scalar waves  are emissions that are not part of the  electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. A few innovative researchers have evidence that  some plasma devices emit scalar waves (as apparently did Royal Rife’s instrument)—and  that these scalar waves help regenerate  the body as well as possibly devitalize pathogens…’ Nenah Sylver PHD, The Rife
Handbook (2011 Edition)  

7.  The BCX Ultra uses both methods (induction & conduction) developed by Dr. Rife and his two business partners, John Crane and John Marsh

The first method is the BCX Ultra hand-held Ray tubes & beam tubes. This method was developed by Dr. Rife and  delivers a broad spectrum of energies, ranging from electromagnetic fields, to electrostatic fields, to conductive electron flow (electricity), to light in the visible spectrum and beyond. Through this method the frequencies are delivered into the body using the ‘Induction’ none-contact method. Scientific tests known as ‘Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis’ have been done which show that frequencies will penetrate the body verifying the method that Dr. Rife used.

The Hand-held Raytubes do use induction (like Rife’s original equipment), but when you hold them, a unique phenomena happens, wherein, by Conduction, significantly larger amounts of power are delivered. This is because each Raytube is operating at a different polarity from the other, causing great electrical attraction between them. This is an evolution of the Rife or Beam Tube that are incapable of this.

The second method is the metal hand held electrodes. This method uses ‘Conduction’ which is the direct-contact method of delivering frequencies through a positive and a negative. This method was used by John Crane and John Marsh. The ‘Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis’ scientific tests show that frequencies delivered by this method pass through the skin and penetrate into the body. There is only one drawback to using this method but it is overcome by using an RF carrier frequency. If you do not use an RF carrier frequency then the low audio frequencies will only enter the body and travel through the connective tissue of the body. But if you use an RF carrier frequency the low audio frequencies will enter the body and also penetrate the cells. For this reason the BCX Ultra has a carrier wave that can be set from 1hz to 4 Mhz (electrodes/BT-HFPCM2 beam tube) and up to 100,000 Hz for the hand-held plasma tubes. Because of these scientific tests we now set the default carrier at 100,000 Hertz.

Through the use of these two methods the BCX Ultra is able to output Dr. Rife’s RF frequencies. The BCX Ultra has a carrier frequency so that the audio frequency can be piggyback (carried) by the RF frequency (carrier) causing the frequencies to penetrate into both the connective tissue and the cells of the body. RF or radio frequencies above about 200,000 Hertz broadcast very well which is why they are called radio frequencies. Frequencies between 20,000 and 200,000 Hertz broadcast to some degree, while frequencies below 20,000 Hertz do not broadcast at all. Both the RF carrier and audio frequencies can be set anywhere from 1hz to 4Mhz.There are pre-stored programs with audio frequencies and carrier waves already set. However the carrier wave and other settings can be changed if so desired. The BCX Ultra gives you the ability to research and do your own testing. We are using 100,000 Hertz for the carrier default at this time because we are getting good results.



                            Misinformation on the BCX Ultra Hand Held Ray Tubes

There is some confusion out there about how the BCX Ultra carries frequencies through the body.  BCX Ultra Hand-held Raytubes use Conduction, Induction, and Radiation, however, the main method is Conduction. Here are some simple tests that a lay person can observe and perform to prove that we do use the conduction method.

  1. Lay both tubes next to each other about 4” apart and notice that the tubes glow dimly. They glow dimly because there is a little conduction through the air. Now, hold both tubes, one in each hand, and notice how bright they become. This is because you are now completing the circuit through your body allowing the full power of the ray tube circuit to flow through the tubes and then through you.
  2. Touch the tubes and you will notice that the light gets brighter where you touch the glass. This indicates that current is exiting the tube and into your finger touching the tube. Note: Our stand alone beam tube units do not show much of this phenomenon because they are using mostly the induction and radiation methods.
  3.  This is a fun experiment. Especially, if your partner isn’t aware of the result. Both you and your partner hold one of the ray tubes in your outside hand as you stand next to each other. With your inside hands let your hands droop down, palm facing down. Next, touch the top side of your wrists together and notice the pronounced shock you get as you complete the circuit. If you look closely while doing this you will see sparks.  This test is only for those that need a very strong sensual persuasion to understand simple principles of ray tube operation.

Now, you are wondering how electricity goes through glass. Wikipedia. says this. “The glass acts as a dielectric in a capacitor formed between the ionized gas and the hand.” [1] Most of energy of Raytubes is transmitted by Conduction, which is why you hold them. Yes, glass is an insulator, but at high frequencies, electricity passes through it because it’s dielectric characteristics change. It is NOT a direct current (DC) conductor, but it IS an alternating current (AC) conductor as the simple tests above prove.

Thank You, the BCX Ultra Group

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasma_globe


BCX Ultra Hand held RayTubes seeing RF (Radio Frequencies) by Agilent Spectrum Analyzer in the air through a Radio Antenna: (RayTubes are 120KHz)

When waveforms are generated with multiple frequencies, the power content of each frequency is reduced. The greater the number of frequencies, the greater the power reduction to the point where each power can become insignificant. Using only a few frequencies is more beneficial- after all, that is how most communication equipment operates. However, when many frequencies are added together, each is diluted too greatly to be of any use.  This means that for a given power, more frequencies result in less power per frequency than the one.

Formula to calculate each frequency power: X watts of frequency1 has twice as much power of X watts of frequency1 added to frequency2 (X watts = X/2 watts frequency1 + X/2 watts of frequency2).

Those who run multiple frequencies simultaneously are seeking the benefits of the time savings to use multiple frequencies. BCX Ultra manufacturer decided to cap at 3 simultaneous frequencies (frequency, carrier wave, gating).  Other manufacturers have designed their unit to run multiple frequencies. The reason we do not  is the greater the number of frequencies, the greater the power reduction to the point where each power can become insignificant.  In turn the user then has to repeat the frequencies to get the needed dose and dealing with kill off you want the power and the surges (based on wave type). Other manufacturers state differently. We believe running 1 carrier wave & 1 frequency with the most power output for that accessory is the best method for treatment. Having 1 carrier wave carrying multiple frequencies is not as effective. Now they state that if there is enough power delivered so then each frequency will be effective and all is needed is .20 watts. However we limit our metal electrode power output to .75 watts (w 30-35 volts) to stay within safe limits since electricity is the means of delivery thru metal electrodes (this doesn’t apply to the plasma accessories). Most of our clients can’t even handle the full .75 watts (then turn down the power) so we wonder how can someone handle the full power of 2.7watts? Keep in mind our BCX Ultra has a built in 18 watt amplifier so we easily can produce the power. Note our BCX Ultra unit has different accessories that add additional power to go from 20 watts all the way up to 150 watts depending on the accessory. 

Below is a 10KHz sinewave with a peak to peak amplitude of 30 volts. The spectrum analyzer shows the power into a fixed impedance load is 1 watt.

Below is 10KHz and 30KHz with the same peak to peak amplitude of 30 volts. The power level of the 10KHz frequency has been reduced to 0.4 watts, and the power level of the 30KHz frequency is 0.5 watts.

Below is 10, 30, 50, and 70KHz with the same peak to peak amplitude of 30 volts. The power level of the 10KHz frequency has been reduced to 0.12 watts, and the power level of the 30, 50, and 70KHz frequency is about 0.15 watts each.

Question: What happened to the rest of the 1 watt of power? It is contained in increasing numbers of harmonic frequencies with very low insignificant power levels. As more frequencies are added together, the waveform approaches a square wave. Mathematically, a square wave is an infinite number of odd harmonic frequencies added together.

About the test measurements:
Measurements were made on the electrode output of an BCX Ultra by a Tektronix TDS2014C Oscilloscope Oscilloscope and an Agilent N9320B Spectrum Analyzer into a fixed impedance resistive load. 10KHz was generated as an Ultra single frequency. 10KHz and 30KHz were generated as Ultra 2 frequencies. 10, 30, 50, and 70KHz were generated with the Ultra Custom Arbitrary Waveform- Odd Harmonics, which creates 4 frequencies at a time.

Since 1994 I have been using various designs of offset Square wave Frequency generators. Purchased from other manufactures and made my own.

Utilizing frequencies with hand held Metal cylinders as the primary conducting source.

We were experiencing just ok results. Still was not satisfied…Research continued.

It was not until we embarked upon the Ray beam tube Plasma hand held wands, that we found outstanding results.

Very happy with the BCX and Ray tube technology. So far Ray beam tube technology is second to none.

Keeping us healthy and Happy.

Thanks again for your great customer service and continued support!

Joe Bush

Hi Diann,

In addition to my previous Staph sets here are the ACTUAL frequencies Rife and Crane used for Staph. When Crane converted Rife’s notes for electronics, Rife said he preferred Sine waves because they more closely resembled his original tube frequencies, and a carrier wave was essential to penetrate organs. The Square sweep wave feature of the BCX is a real bonus!

Staph Aureus – 728, 7270, 478000, 998740, 540, 555171
Staph Albus – 546, 549070

They are excellent for wiping out Staph infections. In this latest flu pneumonia epidemic, Staph is closely tied to several other elements; Pneumovirus, Tuberculosis, Streps, Influenzas, Actinomycosis, etc. When one layer is wiped out, the other layers build up strong, until all disease elements have been destroyed. The curious thing about this new combination of diseases is how the same initial infecting agent can react so differently in people. It is based in a biofilm of EColi and Candida.

I am liaising with several science groups and will have the breakdown for the H1N1, H3N2 and H7N10 flu viruses shortly. These will be killers in years to come and have already done some very serious damage in the community! H7N10 is particularly nasty as it is bio-engineered to carry various payloads of viruses. Knock one off and the other raises it head. NO anti-biotic can disable this package, in fact any attempt will simply provide the catalyst for the virus to mutate. It appears that RIFE is perhaps the only complete treatment to disable ALL components of this new plague and my doctor actually agrees with me for a change! lol.

P.S. RIFE makes an entrance into the mainstream media in the new movie Elysium? It sure looks that way … at the 30 second mark.



More to come.

Kind regards,


Hi Diann,

Please find the following information regarding the full cure for both the H7N10 & H3N2 strains (http://www.hymbas.com/rife/H7N10_H3N2Cure.pdf). This also covers Strep and many other symptoms associated with these awful flu’s.

Suggest that all new BCX’s should have these sets pre-programmed as it would save customers a lot of time.

If needed, use 160 hz for headache relief.

Hold on the main frequencies until symptoms show reaction, i.e. sneezing, tingling in nostrils, stomach gurgling, intestinal gas bubbles moving, running nose, soreness stops, etc. Treatment can be repeated every 12 hours if immediate improvement isn’t noted, otherwise once every 24 hours. Pay attention to symptomatic frequencies, repeat entire program for complete results.

Go gently on treatments, the invading viruses and adjoining pathogens will be killed, but time and water are needed to flush out the dead organisms. Rest and every day improvements will continue. The best outcome noted was overnight relief with no returning illness.

Stay warm and drink plenty of good spring water and hot teas. Repeat every 12 – 24 hours, as needed. Avoid mucus forming dairy products (i.e. milk, cheese, yogurt) due to the sinus drainage being an ideal environment for airborne reintroductions from the public.

Please pass to Roger.

Kind regards,

Craig Richards

Also, some great news, attached is the final set for the H7N10 cure ( http://www.hymbas.com/rife/H7N10FinalCure.pdf). It works perfectly, is tested, dusted and done. I would love to take full credit for this but my friend Marie is unbelievable and has fully developed this set based on exhaustive testing and analysis. It, by all means, should form part of a chain set on all new BCX ultra’s as it wipes out practically ALL the different variants of flu with one treatment. This is indeed a breakthrough method of curing this epidemic.

The flu season has really hit hard here in Sydney … Before leaving for Adelaide last week to visit the parents with my daughter, she was coming down with itchy ears and a sore throat which was stopped in its tracks using the original H1N1 set that I sent to you.

Well … on the plane it was like a cavern of sneezers and nose blowers! Nearly every third person had some sort of cold.

I took my BCX with us in my luggage to show off to Mum & Dad. I’m glad I did. Almost twenty four hours later my glands in my neck began to swell up and I felt like I was coming down with something. Mum and Dad (fitness freaks) were very dubious of my Rife but Mum was also showing some symptoms of a cold … Dad was actually quite scared of the plasma tubes! lol

Anyhow, my daughter told my Mum just to sit down, get a cup of tea and watch some TV whilst I ran some sets on myself and her. It’s so exciting and rewarding to see my 13 year old daughter operate the BCX as if she owned it! Lizzy dialled up the chained sessions that I had made and we let them run. My dad disappeared into the shed afraid of the outcome.

One hour later … almost to the dot … Mum mentioned she felt a lot better, her sniffing had stopped. It took several more hours before my glands went down but my symptoms and the feeling of coming down with something went.

The next day, my dad, who ‘never’ gets colds, began to show symptoms. He refused to be treated and has spent the week coughing and sniffing with stuffed sinus etc. I tried to insist he be treated before we left but … you can lead a thirsty horse to water but you cannot make it drink the water!

Dads still sick but my mum, Lizzy and I are in perfect health! When will people wake up! lol

That’s proof enough for me that this works perfectly. The secret of course is getting the correct frequency for the problem(s) and treating them early … Before secondary infections occur.

FYI, I also make my own 22ppm Colloidal Silver and Black Salve for personal use. These are ‘life saving’ treatments and when used carefully can produce amazing outcomes for the most dire prognosis.

I love my Rife! and like you have now decided to construct my own website to further help others interested too.  I have registered the domains http://www.rifeman.com/ & http://www.rifetolife.com/ only just started but with your permission would love to place your site banner on my page when its ready. Finding time to do it is the challenge!

Best of health for now!



The Cure for H1N1

The Rife based cure for H1N1 (which is a blend of influenzas including Swine, Avian, 1993 strain, Spanish flu, and pneumonia) is as follows:

Using a frequency generator with two channels, Sine or Square wave:

Duty cycle 90%, all frequencies for 2 minutes.

2.4 Mhz (2,40,000 hz) the carrier frequency.

Channel B – 1,674,000 hz (Rife Influenzas)

Follow with 688, 975, 777, 2688, 660, 709.2, 2838.5 (Pneumonia Mycoplasma)

336, 712, 278, 18910.09, 941.93 (Pneumovirus)

522, 615, 778, 850, 959 (1993 Influenza)

462, 787 (Spanish Influenza)

5000 (Avian bird Influenza)

413, 432, 830 (Swine Influenza short set)

332, 776 (A-strain Influenza)

784, 787, 788, 788.24, 318000 (Sore Throat)

Repeat every 12 – 24 hours as needed.

To clear mucus in lungs and bronchial – 318, 307.9, 568 (Lung Tonic)

Stay warm and drink 3-4 glasses of spring water per day.

Avoid eating dairy, pigs and chicken due to the nature of this disease.


This frequency combination cured two humans and a dog quickly. This set produced immediate results. Rife’s original notes were reviewed and the breakdown of the parts of H1N1 analyzed yielding the above suggestion. The human who experienced the worst symptoms improved greatly within a few hours, on the first exposure to this set.

The dog received treatment by laying in the same room while the treatment was broadcast to human by pad device, the results were immediate cessation of heavy exasperated breathing, running nose and sick eyes; soon she was up wagging her tail back to normal.

The other human experienced minor symptoms for one day, and when this H1N1 set was used it yielded results of good health within a few minutes. The next day she was no longer feeling sick.

Diann, the H7N10 will knock the H1N1 on its head. So using the H7N10 set is the way to go for future variants.



Yes, a carrier freq of 2.4 Mhz is what I used, but harmonics work also. Naturally 45 khz is a good harmonic used for the plasma (hand-held ray tubes). I recommend each frequency be used 1 min for the first sweep, then 2 or 3 minutes additional runs. I run the 3 min sets at night time, just let it play, wake up feeling refreshed. A maximum of 3 minutes each active element works wonders.

In a persistent runny nose, play the first part of the set down to TB a few times, in 1 or 2 minute sweeps. Each disease element produces a different reaction to the frequencies that kill it. I like to note each cough, sneeze, and nose blowing as the active frequencies to know what I’m dealing with. Rhino Pneumonia is an irritating, persistent runny nose new to the set.



Sent from my iPad Mini

……. Once again thank you Diann, brilliant service!

Kind regards,

Craig Richards

P.S. There is a serious new SARS/New Corona Virus illness hitting here and in the states, hospitals don’t know what it is, or how to do anything about it. My friend recently reported to me that “the boy down the road stopped breathing twice and the hospitals couldn’t help. Both of my children contracted it, 102 fever overnight.” Like me she is an engineer and has found the correct frequencies to kill the virus off quickly. She also reported that “the fever left and both kids returned to perfect health right away.”

Thats a brilliant outcome and I am incorporating the sets into the replacement unit Roger sent me.

Attached are the frequencies used to resolve the virus within a couple of hours. They have been tested several times now by my friend and work perfectly. The disease reported is a combination of Coronavirus, Influenza, Adenovirus, E.Coli, Streps, Staphs, and Respiratory Synctical Virus. (refer to http://www.hymbas.com/rife/SARSNCoVFREQ.pdf

Hi Diann,

Use 2.4Mhz! Not 4.68Mhz! (carrier wave) I received your email with tracking and will return the unit I have upon receipt pronto! Have some very exciting news. I cured a serious lung infection and flu in 8 hours! Yep … I used both RIFE and Chlorine Dioxide. My client was dumbfounded at the outcome as she had been suffering for weeks. The doctor was baffled. I wasn’t baffled at all. Also, reduced and have almost eliminated symptoms of Crohn’s disease for a friend of mine who had been having at least three serious painful attacks every other day for the last five years. Three days after a mild Herx following my treatments, she has only had one brief and mild case over the last three weeks. Sensational! I made a special frequency sets to target two strains of bacterium in relation to Crohn’s.

Love it! Craig

Hi Diann,

The cure for Crohn’s is very easy.

I make my own 24ppm Colloidal Silver. Use 20ml (capful) of Colloidal Silver with three drops of 70% DMSO on an empty stomach at least one half hour before food twice a day. When waking and before dinner. Continue this for three months. Take a good quality pro-biotic at lunch such as http://shop.mercola.com/product/complete-probiotics-with-70-billion-cfug-180-per-bottle-1-bottle,673.htm

Destroy the Mycoplasma with RIFE using the following set:

388.6, 543.6, 709.2, 777.2, 1087.2, 1554.5, 2174.3, 2838.5, 3109, 4348.6, 6217.9, 254, 484, 610, 644, 660, 690, 727.5, 688, 777, 790, 864, 75, 986, 2688, 2900

Destroy Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis with RIFE using the following set:

14, 20, 333, 523, 768, 786, 440, 660, 690, 727.5, 802, 1550, 810, 832, 880, 2K, 10K, 95, 60, 100, 110, 428, 600, 625, 650, 680, 776, 787, 3K

Herx will occur for 72 hours or so … very uncomfortable bloating and mild inflammation which will leave the body soon after.

Repeat the treatment every week for three weeks.

Kind regards,


You’re welcome, Diann!

My husband and I did a candida sweep a couple of days ago – WOW!  We are completely convinced this really works!  We both could not sleep, due to a strange “flu-like” feeling..we are still feeling the  general malaise  from the toxic by-products of the destroyed pathogens from a few days ago…but at the same time –  we are feeling so much better already!   We were “glad” that we were feeling “bad” because we knew it was actually killing the fungus in us….can’t wait to try other  programs.  It’s giving us peace of mind- knowing we have this BCX Ultra  technology for preventative healthcare and ongoing health maintenance in our lives (in spite of the troubled Obamacare times!)

I am letting everyone I know – know about the BCX Ultra.  Thank you and also thank the engineer (s) who have created this machine….

Best Wishes,


Here we are showing that the BCX Ultra hand-ray tubes OUTPUT 30 WATTS (refer below to the device readouts measuring the power, proving this).

Important to understand how power works. Peak power, Average power, RMS power, Duty Cycle. First, “available” power and “delivered” power are entirely different. The BCX Ultra hand-held raytubes are capable of delivering 30 watts. The more contact there is to them, and the more conductive the material, the more power they deliver. Second, the 30 watts is peak power. All waveforms except square will degrade the power to some extent, and if there is a frequency (which there always is with the rife machine), the average power will be 1/2 because 50% of the time, the hand-held raytubes will be off, and 50% of the time they will be on. So, you can see that with peak power of 30 watts, the average power is never greater than 15 watts, and here is one of the explanations for their misconceptions about our power supply and our output power. In the case of the rife machine, peak power is what counts when delivering a frequency wave type. Why? Because; for example, when at the peak of the square (which is where 100% power delivered as fast as it can for that frequency) is the goal to get a strong/fast surge to perform a kill off of the organisms then it stays at that power at that frequency and then turns off .. In the case of the square wave it turns on 100%  (30 watts) and then turns off power to 0% power (which will be 0  watts) so then taking the average of the ‘on’ power and the ‘off’ power will be 50% of its full power it is capable.


BCX Ultra Raytubes output 30 watts maximum at a carrier frequency of 100KHz. That carrier is modulated by different types of waveforms and frequencies. Modulating the carrier turns it on and off in varying amounts. Thus, the maximum output power of 30 watts is present only part of the time. If you measure the power when the tube is on full, you will see 30 watts. Such is the case when the carrier is modulated with a squarewave at 1 Hz. For 1/2 second, the power is 30 watts, and for the other 1/2 second, there is no power. Below shows the power measurement during the 1/2 second that the tubes are on:

BCX Ultra Raytubes output 30 watts maximum at a carrier frequency of 100KHz


When the carrier is modulated at higher frequencies and the measurement time covers both the on and off times, the off time power is averaged in, resulting in lower average power levels. Modulating the carrier creates additional frequencies. Here, the 100KHz carrier is modulated with a sinewave at 10KHz. The resulting reduced power is now distributed between the 100KHz carrier, and two new frequencies at 90KHz and 110KHz:

the 100KHz carrier is modulated with a sinewave at 10KHz


When the modulating waveform is a squarewave, a theoretically infinite number of additional frequencies are produced. The farther away from the carrier that they are, the lower the amount of power each has. Practically, only the first 3 or 4 on either side have any significant power. In the image below, the 100KHz carrier is modulated with a 10KHz squarewave, and the reduced power is shown distributed between the 100KHz carrier, and new frequencies at 50KHz, 70KHz, 90KHz, 110KHz, 130KHz, and 130KHz.

the 100KHz carrier is modulated with a 10KHz squarewave


About the test setup:

Contrary to beamtubes and other point sources such as light bulbs, Ultra Raytubes are differential output devices. They are attracted to each other like magnets that constantly change polarity (the carrier frequency). When one is +, the other is -. Then they reverse polarity, and again, over and over.

This results in an intense field between them, as opposed to a point source that radiates in all directions.

To measure output power, an Agilent N9320B Spectrum Analyzer measures the field and potential in between the two Raytubes, applying a fixed load. Offsets are made for Antenna Factor, distance between the two tubes, and near and far field.

In the case of measuring maximum power at 1Hz squarewave modulation, the Spectrum Analyzer was set for 1 shot measurement, triggering at the start of the pulse, and finish sweeping within 1/2 second.

Ultra Raytubes output 30 watts maximum at a carrier frequency of 100KHz

“Here’s an analogy describing how these various wave signals perform, and how the body physically responds to hem. If you put your hand on someone’s back and exert a steady pressure, she will shift her weight and learn to compensate for your push. The relatively slow rise and fall times of a sine wave gives the body a chance to recognize, make adjustments for, and eventually ignore the signal. If, however, you suddenly push that person with the same amount of pressure, she will fall. The sudden thrusting quality of triangle and sawtooth waves takes the body by surprise. Similarly, the rapid rise and fall time of a square wave does not give the body a chance to compensate. However, the flat top line of a square wave means that after the body is taken by surprise, there is a relatively long period when the signal is steady. The body (and microbes) may or may not reject the signal. The shape of the wave is important not only because of the rise and fall times of the energy. The wave shape is also important because of the harmonics it produces…. ” Nenah Sylver, PHD – The Rife Handbook (2011 Edition)


A fundamental difference between the BCX Ultra and other comparable top rife devices is the way they generate waveforms. They will use a DSP (digital synthesizing processor) which, by nature, is only capable of generating digital Squarewaves. By using filtering techniques, the circuit is capable of approximating a Sinewave by ’rounding off’ the Squarewave.

The BCX Ultra uses entirely different electronics. It contains 3 separate Microprocessors each of which creates an ‘Arbitrary Waveform’. Arbitrary Waveforms are exact and pure creations of naturally occurring and incidentally occurring waveforms. Examples of naturally occurring waveforms are Sine, Square, Triangle, Exponential, and Linear. An example of an incidentally occurring waveform is the Hoyland Waveform. The BCX Ultra faithfully reproduces the waveform that Hoyland generated using a complex array of apparatus. If fact, the Hoyland Waveform in the Ultra was created by digitizing an actual copy of Hoyland’s test data. Another example of Arbitrary Waveforms are the Ultra’s Odd Order Harmonic and Even Order Harmonics waveforms. The Odd Order Harmonic Waveform produces a fundamental, and the 3′rd, 5′th, and 7′th harmonics is perfect harmonic proportion. The Even Order Harmonic Waveform produces a fundamental, and the 2′nd, 4′th, and 6′th harmonics in perfect harmonic proportion.

With Arbitrary Waveforms, the BCX Ultra can produce ANY waveform imaginable- accurately, and perfectly. Harmonics can only be generated accurately and correctly if the fundamental waveform is accurate.

 The BCX Ultra contains 3 Arbitrary Waveform generators, which when combined together can produce an un-imaginable combination.

This is why wave types are imperative to killing off organisms.


For example the BCX Ultra hand held ray tubes delivers 30 watts peak power and the BCX Ultra BT-HFPCM2 stand alone beam tube delivers peak power of  150 watts. All waveforms except square will degrade the power to some extent, and if there is a frequency (which there always is with the rife machine), the average power will be 1/2 because 50% of the time, the hand-held raytubes will be off, and 50% of the time they will be on. For PEAK power  of 30 watts, the AVERAGE power is never greater than 15 watts. HOWEVER this is where the misconception lies. The industry standard is to state power with the AVERAGE power during a cycle HOWEVER what is ’important’ with rife therapy is the PEAK PowerOther manufacturers use the Average Power as their supporting argument why BCX Ultra other wave types (ie pulsating square, sawtooth, trapezoid, etc. ) are not effective misconstruing the wave type power delivery and the hand-held ray tubes delivery   In the case of the rife machine, peak power is what counts when delivering a frequency wave type. Why? For example, when at the peak of the square (which is where 100% power delivered as fast as it can for that frequency) is the goal to get a strong/fast surge to perform a kill off of the organisms then it stays at that power at that frequency and then turns off .. In the case of the square wave it turns on 100%  (30 watts) and then turns off power to 0% power (which will be 0 watts) so then taking the average of the ‘on’ power and the ‘off’ power will be 50% of its full power it is capable. With the other wave types ((ie pulsating square, sawtooth, trapezoid, etc. ) will have even more on & off times making the average watt  power less but again the peak time (which is full or ~ full watt delivery) when the surge occurs.